Have you ever tried Korean breakfast food? Tired of the same breakfast menu? Maybe you need to try food from other countries. For example, South Korea. The Ginseng country has a lot of culinary that is already worldwide, namely ramyeon and tteokbokki. Not only that, they also have special menus. You can even cook it yourself at home because it’s practical. The ingredients are also easy to find.

Menu Korean Breakfast Food

Quoting from Kpop Foods also Insanely Good Recipes , this is the way to cook this Korean Breakfast Food:

1. Kimchi Fried Rice

The first Korean Food for breakfast is Kimchi Fried Rice. Korea is the land of kimchi, so of course, kimchi fried rice is a staple! A type of meat and veggies are introduced to carry greater texture and flavors. It is one of the maximum famous methods to consume your aged, ripened kimchi.

Kimchi fried rice is a brilliant manner to apply leftover rice and any left overs withinside the fridge. The quality manner to season the rice is with fermented kimchi juice. You can upload gochujang and gochugaru in keeping with your choice for an additional spice kick.

Korean Breakfast Food

2. Porridge (dakjuk)

Second korean breakfast food is porridge. Next time you awaken to a chilly wet morning, make dakjuk for a super begin to your day. Dakjuk is a conventional Korean hen porridge composed of loads of grains, protein, and greens. The dish is a own circle of relatives favourite for its mild, nutritious, and hearty breakfast.

There is an infinite version of porridges in Korea and aside from this hen porridge, pink bean, pumpkin, pine nuts, and abalone porridges are the various famous varieties. So there may be no manner you may get bored with consuming the equal dish each day. Try making a brand new version each time to discover your best aggregate of dakjuk. Don’t overlook to snap photos on your Instagram!

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3. Kimchi Stew (Kimchi jjigae)

The third korean breakfast food is kimchi stew. Kimchi, a highly spiced pickled cabbage, is served as a aspect with nearly each meal. Kimchi stew or kimchi jjigae is a totally familiar dish this is made combining kimchi with different substances like red meat, onions, garlic, and tofu. The dish is served warm and is supposed to be eaten very slowly.

This is best for bloodless iciness days and is fiery, hearty, and complete of flavors, however Koreans revel in it anywhere, any day. It is served at many food in maximum eating places and in case you are having it for the primary time, maintain a bottle of bloodless milk on the alternative hand, due to the fact it’s miles very highly spiced.

4. Steamed Egg (Ggaeran Jim)

The Fourth menu korean breakfast food is steamed egg. Korean steamed eggs has a silky and easy texture. Eggs are eaten in any respect food – breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner. They are a famous aspect dish or may be served as a chief dish if it’s withinside the morning. While making ready it, pay unique interest as it’s very smooth to overcook or maybe burn the egg. The perfect texture of a Korean steamed egg need to be like tofu. This brief and smooth dish may be made in a microwave and pairs nicely with pro rice.

Korean Breakfast Food

5. Dumplings (Mandoo)

The fifth menu korean breakfast food is dumplings. Korean dumplings, called Mandu or Mandoo is a conventional dish and is straightforward to make. They are commonly full of a combination of meat and veggies and there aren’t anyt any limits to its version. The maximum famous amongst the ones are crafted from floor red meat or red meat, onion, cabbage, tofu, and mung bean noodles.

They may be cooked in numerous methods like boiling, deep-fried, pan-fried, steamed, or baked withinside the oven. If you are in a hurry withinside the mornings, you may lead them to in huge portions for storing and take hold of them earlier than leaving.

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These dumplings are big sufficient for a chief dish however additionally best as a snack or appetizer and are preferred for being so flexible and scrumptious. Mandu is a image of desirable success for the approaching 12 months and consequently is ready via way of means of households as a part of the Korean Lunar New Year festivals.

6. Korean Pork Belly (Bossam)

The sixth menu korean breakfast food is korean pork belly. Bossam is a deep savory Korean red meat stomach wrap that walks a exceptional line among a tempting banquet and a mild meal. The recipe is a wealthy deal with for any meat lover, even as the pickled radish, lettuce, and candy rice brings stability to the dish. The quality manner to serve those wraps is via way of means of letting the diner put together it themselves in keeping with their flavor. Putting rice withinside the wrap, a drizzle of savory sauce, and some portions of pickled radish is stated to be the precise combo.

7. Kimchi Toast

The seventh menu korean breakfast food is kimchi toast. Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine. It’s a salty, tangy blend of shredded veggies like cabbage and radish.The fermented greens in kimchi are packed complete of wholesome probiotics.

Korean Breakfast Food

So when you have any type of digestive disillusioned withinside the mornings, have micro organism for breakfast with kimchi toast. Kimchi is blended with cream cheese, scallions, and cilantro earlier than being thickly unfold on toast.

It’s crunchy, flavorful, and could surely wake you up withinside the morning. Gut insects in no way tasted so desirable!

8. Kimchi Eggs

The Eighth menu korean breakfast food is kimchi eggs. Kimchi eggs are a easy breakfast, with a flavor you’ll be dreaming approximately all day.Simply scramble eggs in a warm pan with masses of kimchi. As the eggs set, the kimchi releases all its tangy flavors. For a hearty brunch, serve your kimchi eggs over fluffy rice and garnish with clean herbs.

9. Korean Scallion Pancakes

The ninth menu korean breakfast food is korean scallion pancakes. It’s now no longer simply Americans who love pancakes for breakfast. Korea has its personal model of the famous morning deal with, savory crispy pancakes, additionally called pajeon. They can be fried, however Korean pancakes are nevertheless nutritious.

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Packed with masses of greens and protein, they’re a hearty breakfast that’ll maintain you complete till lunch. If you’re having a lazy morning, serve with the candy and highly spiced dipping sauce to make it greater of a meal.

10. Korean Sweet Potato Latte

The next one menu korean breakfast food is korean sweet potato. Part dessert, element breakfast, all yum. Sweet potato latte is one of these recipes you need to try.Not least due to the fact it’s difficult to consider candy potatoes may be this scrumptious.

Blended with milk and a touch sugar, the basis vegetable miraculously will become a creamy, thick milkshake. Top with frothed milk, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a few toasted walnuts in case you’re feeling fancy.

11. Korean Pumpkin Porridge

The next menu korean breakfast food is korean pumpkin porridge. Koreans like to get innovative with their green with scrumptious results.If you haven’t attempted pumpkin porridge, you’re lacking out.

Warming, nourishing, and creamy, this breakfast will ward off any iciness blues. It’s bulked out with tender rice for additonal strength so that you won’t fall prey to the morning munchies.

12. Kimchi Breakfast Pizza

The next one menu korean breakfast food is kimchi pizza. Good news, fast-meals fans! You can (and need to!) consume pizza for breakfast. Cram your pizza with shiitake mushrooms, avocado, eggs, and masses of fiery kimchi, and it’s nearly a fitness meals!

It doesn’t take too lengthy to drag collectively either. If you may set apart half-hour for your morning, you may have breakfast pizza.

13. Korean Mushroom Pancakes

The last menu korean breakfast food is korean mushroom pancakes. These conventional pancakes, called enoki, are commonly served with soup or stir-fries however they’re desirable sufficient to revel in solo.

They’re tasty mushroom fritters which might be a brilliant meatless alternative when you have any breakfast-shy vegetarians withinside the house.

That’s Menu Korean Breakfast Food that you must try, besides having health benefits, it also has a unique taste.

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